About me

About me

Hi there! I’m so excited to meet you and to help you share your story with the world.

I have always loved weddings, and the best ones I have attended had a personal, warm ceremony at the heart of the big day. I first wanted to become a celebrant after my own wedding five years ago. My husband and I got married at the beautiful Victoria Baths in Manchester, and as we had a council registrar conduct our ceremony, we didn’t get the chance to meet him until the morning of our wedding. We had so many anxieties about this! What would they be like? Would they be friendly? Engaging? Too formal? Able to project? Have they delivered a same sex wedding before? Will they be the right “fit”? Luckily, our guy was amazing, and delivered a really special ceremony within the constraints of a council wedding.


But what if we didn’t have those restrictions? If we had been able to meet with the person running the most important day of our lives, and he had had the freedom to tell the story of how we came together, then it would have sent the level of beauty of the ceremony into the stratosphere. That’s when I wanted to become an independent celebrant. I relished the thought of not only being able to create extraordinary ceremonies, but also to have the opportunity to meet the individuals beforehand and have a connection with them. This, combined with the freedom to use your own words in the ceremony, enables me to really give an authentic and heartfelt account of your life’s journey, and a reassurance for you that everything on the day will run smoothly.

Theatre, pianos and performing arts

So, here is a little bit more about me! I grew up in Hertfordshire, and moved up north twenty years ago to study Music and Drama at the University of Manchester. I have stayed here in this wonderful city ever since, and now live in Chorlton in south Manchester with my husband, Andrew. I have a passion for the performing arts, especially musical theatre, love playing the piano, and conduct choirs for wellbeing throughout Manchester and the North West.

Having trained as an actor and musician, I have had a career in the performing arts for the past two decades. I have worked as an actor, singer, pianist, choir leader, teacher and conductor – all of which require sensitivity, empathy, collaboration and understanding, as well as confidence in public speaking and showmanship. These skills are all invaluable for a personable celebrant, and make me the perfect choice for delivering clear and inspiring ceremonies. I can’t wait to create yours!